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Mayfield Junior School - Chapel Expansion

Mayfield Jr. School 1
Mayfield Jr. School 2
Mayfield Jr. School 3

Project consisted of demolishing an existing 900 SF chapel and replacing it with a new 1,669 SF chapel that is attached to an existing gymnasium building.  Project also included site work consisting of demolishing existing site stairs to the courtyard level and reconstructing new stairs in a location that works with the new building footprint. Corrected path of travel to bring into compliance. Existing path of travel upgrades included new accessible passenger drop-off and two new conforming accessible parking spaces with adjacent access aisle and curb ramps with detectable warning pavers, upgrading directional signage, parking signage and new paving with slopes shallower than 5% in the direction of travel and cross slopes shallower than 2%.


0 - 10,000 SF
$0 - $1 Million
Faith Based
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